Meet The Dreamer

IMG_1829Hi, I’m Kiersten, but you can call me Kay. I’m a Florida native who moved to New York City 4 years ago with my husband and goldendoodle, Libby, to follow my dreams of traveling more.

When the pandemic hit our lease in New York was coming to an end. We put everything in storage to travel America and work remotely. During the pandemic we have lived in Florida, Colorado, and Hawaii. Next stop? You’ll have to follow long to find out because I have no clue where we will end up next.

East Coast Dreamer was created because I was disheartened from seeing couples, flight attendants and photographers on social media who quit their day job to travel the world. There’s another way to explore these destinations without upending your life and quitting your job because I am doing it now! You also don’t need a fancy camera. All of my photos are shot on an iphone.

I typically travel internationally at least four times a year with a full-time job. The pandemic has granting me the opportunities to travel America and try to start a family. I didn’t grow up traveling abroad and I moved to New York with no job and no money. There’s been many times in the past four years where I had less than $20 in my account. I’m sharing this because you may be in the same boat with no safety net, but your dreams are worth chasing!

My love for exploring grew when I found a way to travel frequently without breaking the bank, minimalism. The lifestyle is simple: have less and do more. Since my honeymoon to Europe in 2017, I have wandered over 20 countries. My favorite destinations include Vietnam, Amsterdam, Italy, Dubai, America’s National Parks and the British Virgin Islands. Minimalism plus a few travel-saving tricks allow me to travel more and inspires my travel-friendly, bohemian wardrobe.

I’m here to share my budget-friendly travel tips for full-time workers, how you can incorporate minimalism into your lifestyle, and to inspire your next holiday destination. Follow my journey to learn how you and your wallet can be more comfortable traveling around the world. Read my latest travel guides or check out my favorite adventure hiking and camping in the world’s largest cave system in Vietnam.


Arches National Park
Hiking and camping in Vietnam
Kay sitting infront of a canyon with a river shaped like a horseshoe
Hiking the Southwest in Winter
Sunset at Rocky Mountain National Park
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