Stop What You’re Doing and Move to Your Dream City NOW

Moving is a daunting task, I get it. Whether you are planning to move across the street, across the country or simply moving desks in your office – it’s hard to muster the courage to pack that first box. Before moving to NYC I was terrified. Can I find a job? How am I going to pay rent? Can I survive a blizzard without a coat? How do I make new friends?

The only question I should have been asking myself was – how fast can I get there?

If you already are planning a future move, why not change the destination to your dream city? Everyone has a place they have always wanted to make a permanent vacation. You can make it a reality. The first step is to throw out all of those excuses and fears crowding your mind.

There are hundreds of possibilities for how your move could end badly, but there are a billion more possibilities when you call your favorite city “home.” You can live in the city you grew up admiring. The seemingly impossible daydream is truly just a move away.

It may not be simple; it most-likely won’t be easy.

Only two things are certain: your love for the city you want to thrive in and how terrifying your ambitious move will be.

Take a step back and breathe. Start saving, start planning and stop being scared of failure. You will find a job, you will find friends and, no, you can’t survive a blizzard without a coat.

The absolute worst thing to happen after you move would be moving back to where you are right now, so what are you waiting for?