Escaping New York City During COVID-19

Our quarantine journey started on a cold, rainy March day in the financial district of New York. We arrived back to unusually timid and quiet city streets after a wild two-week adventure through Southeast Asia. Our bags weren’t unpacked from the trip before shelter in place restrictions began. The confinement of our 400-square-foot studio left my extroverted heart quickly depressed (props to anyone who is STILL quarantining in New York!). A plastic foldout table served as a work desk and our futon resembled a stiff makeshift office chair. After a week of working remotely from our tiny studio with my husband and goldendoodle we booked a flight, packed enough clothes for two weeks, and flew to my mom’s place in a Florida beach town. Little did we know that two weeks of quarantining with my parents would turn into four months (Thank you to my Mom and step-dad, Tom!).

The last day in Hanoi, Vietnam before heading back to New York City

I drained my savings and took on massive debt to make the dream of living to New York City a reality. Moving into my parent’s place feels like I’m back to square one a short 4 years later. I’m thankful for the opportunity to quarantine in Florida with family but moving into my mom’s house as an adult was never in my playbook. I didn’t grow up in this town, so I don’t have friends or extended family here. It’s been a true quarantine and I miss my New York friends who have quickly turned into family.  I’m over the moon to see our friends again, be home and sleep in my own bed! Who knew that minimalists can still miss their bed and all the things that make your home, well, home?!

Our New York apartment lease ends in September and the plan is to escape the city before a second wave of the virus hits this fall. I have been dreaming up new quarantine living situations after begrudgingly accepting that COVID-19 is going to be around for the long-haul. Denver is the ideal option for us because there are plenty of long-term Airbnb options, outdoor activities, walkable streets, and some of our best friends are living in Denver already. Since booking our Colorado Airbnb, we have convinced most of our New York friends to join us to quarantine in Colorado this fall and a few of them went out there early to soak up the national park hikes! Our Colorado lease ends in November and we haven’t decided if we are going to stay there, come back to Florida, go home to New York, or find another dream location to safely quarantine.

Image from iOS (1)
Summer on the Brooklyn Bridge

The sky is the limit if you can work remotely or if you are out of a job right now. Starting a travel blog three months before a pandemic hit was not ideal. I’m learning how to pivot, adapt, and live my best life. If you can work remotely why not move to that city you’ve always dreamed of? If you are out of a job and can start your job search in a better location, why not? Life is still happening during this pandemic whether you are crying in your studio apartment or planning your next adventure. You can safely travel during the pandemic if you aren’t able to temporarily relocate or work remotely. Check out my tips for traveling and planning a realistic vacation during COVID-19.

Let’s make limoncello out of lemons together! Let me know what your quarantine travel plans or where your dream location is. Cinque de Terre, anyone?



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