British Virgin Islands Bucket List

Borders are opening and people are enduring travel during this pandemic world. The top destination for these brave wanderers seems to be the British Virgin Islands. I have no idea how long the borders will be open, but this turquoise, tropical destination should be at the top of your list! A few years ago, a catamaran glided us through the crystal waters of the BVIs. The wind pulled us to every island, cove, and reef as white-sandy beaches beckoned us to stay. I ranked my favorite beaches, snorkeling locations, and resorts to complete your next socially distanced getaway!

The Baths in the British Virgin Islands

The Baths lure travelers from around the world. Spend an afternoon exploring the towering granite and hidden beaches. Get lost in the winding maze of coves, natural pools, and private beaches scattered throughout the smooth, grey boulders. The Cathedral is one of the crystal blue natural pools within the boulders where you can float and relax in a secluded paradise. Stop by Devil’s Bay located on the outskirts of the baths to unwind with a tropical drink after wandering The Baths.

Inside a Cave at Norman’s Island

Norman’s Island is the best location to snorkel through reefs and into the depths of rocky cliffs and dark caves. The sandstone cave formations are home to schools of coral fish, sea turtles, and florescent cuttlefish. The caves are most accessible by boat charter, but you can also swim to a few from the white beaches of Norman. As you explore the caves keep an eye out for a colorful pebbled beach that glows under the aqua waves. Stop by the famous Willy T’s floating bar on your way out where you can take ski shots and jump from the top of the boat while onlookers cheer you on.

Anegada Island, known for secluded, pink sand beaches, flocks of wild flamingos, and over 300 wrecks to snorkel and dive off the shallow coastline. I recommend renting scooters to explore the island and scoot over to Lobster Trap for live music, fresh seafood and to snorkel around the shipwreck right offshore from the restaurant. This island is filled with wildlife and the beautiful, secluded beaches are a breath of fresh air with less tourists venturing off the beaten path to this island.

Relaxing on Anegada Island

White Bay on Jost Van Dyke is consistently ranked as one of the best beach destinations in the British Virgin Islands because of the white, fluffy sand. Partygoers come by sea and land to sunbathe and day drink so arrive early if you’d like this piece of paradise to yourself. Soak in the sun from a hammock and enjoy the picturesque palms lining the island. Stop by The Soggy Dollar which is famous for creating the first Painkiller cocktail.

Rhône National Marine Park is a must-see for water adventurers. A day snorkeling or diving trip to RMS, a shipwreck from 1867, is every divers dream. Colorful coral, rare aquatic life, and secluded waters will leave you in awe of this aquatic wonder. After exploring the vast wreck you can hop over to Salt Island which will transport you back to the past. This deserted island was once home to a bustling village. In the center of the island you will find a natural salt lagoon with deserted boats and salt crystal shores. It’s mesmerizing to walk around the black sand beaches contrasting with the growing white salts.

The Bitter End, Virgin Gorda is known around the world as a luxury, resort island destination. It lives up to the hype! The resort is closed as they rebuild from the destruction Hurricane Irma caused, but add this destination as a future stop for water sports, snorkeling, dining and a spa day when it reopens next year! The name of this resort is because Virgin Gorda is the last island in the British Virgin Islands. Sunsets are magical and the service is top-notch. Paddle board sunset, anyone?

For those traveling to the British Virgin Islands in 2020 be sure to book your excursions in advance. They are booking at limited compacity to maintain social distancing standards. Whether you are traveling to the British Virgin Islands during the pandemic or in the future, be sure to save this bucket list so you don’t miss any destinations!

A deserted Salt Island near the RMS ship wreck

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