Vacation Restrictions and Tips for Traveling to Hawaii

Hawaii opened their borders to visitors who complete a few online travel forms and complete an approved COVID test before departure. This blog will break down the travel requirements before you leave and restrictions you can expect once you arrive.

Winter Sunset at Kapalua Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Pre-Travel Requirements

After booking your flight and accommodations you’ll need to create an account and fill out Hawaiian government Safe Travel forms at You’ll need your driver’s license number and flight information. The forms take less than 10 minutes to complete so don’t feel overwhelmed!

You’ll also need to take a COVID test 72-hours (or less) before arriving. A new restriction starting the week of November 23rd is that you’ll need your COVID test results back BEFORE you board your flight. Hawaii has a list of approved COVID testing centers and they add additional testing centers frequently. We opted for a free test at CVS Health that takes 2-5 days for results, but with the new travel requirement it is best to find a provider that guarantees a 2-day turnaround like XpresCheck, Vault Health, or American Family Care. Plan your test in advance, don’t wait until the week of your trip!

Hawaii may also soon require an additional COVID test upon arrival. You can check out this helpful page for more information and updates.

Happy Hour at Sea House Restaurant on Napili Beach

Mask Policy

Hawaii has a strict mask mandate on every island and everyone must wear a mask at all times. We put on our masks before leaving the house and don’t take them off unless eating, drinking or exercising. They are handing out $102 tickets in Maui like candy if you are spotted without a mask on.

Interisland Travel

These rules are updating weekly so keep checking this website for updates. Most interisland travel requires a new negative COVID test along with the same government Safe Travel forms to be filled out. Maui County contains three islands and we can travel to all three currently. Oahu is currently the most lenient for interisland travel and does not require a COVID test if you are visiting them from another island.

Hike the Kapalua Coastal Trail in West Maui


All islands are operating excursions and activities at a limited capacity. The good news is you’ll have a more intimate experience with fewer crowds. The bad news is you’ll need to book your activities in advance because there are so few reservations. A few state parks are closed for the year and some tour companies are not yet open. Companies may state they are closed on their website, but I recommend calling to see if they are open. Some companies haven’t updated their Google Maps status or website yet so don’t let this deter you from calling to see if they are open!

Trust your gut when planning your next vacation during the pandemic. Traveling is never risk-free. If you feel unsafe stay home! There’s no need to put yourself at risk for a vacation and if you’d like more COVID-friendly travel ideas read this blog.

Biggest tips for traveling to Hawaii: If you are traveling to Hawaii book your COVID test in advance online and fill out the government forms when you book your flight.

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