NYC Day Three


Moving to New York has been a dream come true: bright lights, rude people and cringe-worthy smells, oh my! It’s everything I expected and nothing I expected all at the same time. Let’s just say moving to Manhattan is similar to chugging a vodka water when you ordered a Sprite.

Three things I learned about New York living after three days:

New York is not as glamorous as you’d hoped. From the piles of dog poo and trash on the sidewalk to the fifth-floor walk-ups – it’s been a dream. There are at least three (do I dare say, friendly) drunks per block. The only way to avoid them is sitting in your box which you probably never do unless you need to close your eyes for a couple hours.

Black is the new black. Why did I lug 3 suitcases full of my neon, palm-tree printed clothes across the country? New York locals and experienced tourists only wear shades of black, grey and olive. If they are feeling crazy a white t-shirt can be found half-hidden under a utility jacket. I’m loving it.

Food is life. It’s everywhere and my foodie heart is beaming. The Epcot Food and Wine Fest has nothing on this. You can blame it on the filtered city water or the melting pot of people, but the simple truth is; New Yorkers know how to dine and they are pretty damn good at it.

For now, I am enjoying the New York minute, trains and even our fifth floor walk-up. They told us it was a fourth floor walk-up – the extra flight really punches me in the gut (and the quads) five times daily.

I’m currently sitting in The Coffee Project, with a deconstructed latte flight in tow. Did I mention every restaurant serves some type of beverage flight?

Life could be worse.



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