3 Must-Have New York Apps

SubwayRushThe days of sitting lazily on the dock sipping fruity, frozen deliciousness as waves lapped onto the lakeshore are a vague dream now. Salty beach days turned into floral-breezed sunsets with no cares in the world. Time was non-existent in Florida.

The New York Minute is an entirely different ball game where minutes morph into seconds and no one slows down for your normal-in-every-other-city pace. Here are a few apps that have helped me adapt to this lifestyle:

Seamless – Food delivered to your door within minutes with little to no fee. This includes a tipping feature so you don’t have to talk to the over-worked delivery boy who is livid he had to haul your acai bowl up five flights of stairs.

Exit Strategy – No longer are the days when you get off the subway to worriedly spin in circles looking for the exit before a stampede hits. Exit Strategy will tell you exactly what train car and door to exit from to be nearest to the staircase exit. Genius. This one costs a few bucks.

Google Maps – Shame if you don’t already have this app. Be sure to have your destination up before you exit the train so you don’t block the entrance figuring out grid that is NYC. If you need more assistance after getting to the top of the stairs, do us all a favor and stand by a poll away from the busy sidewalk so you aren’t plowed over.

These applications will make you feel more like a New Yorker and less like a bumbling, hungry, skyscraper-staring tourist when you visit. A true New Yorker would have these apps already downloaded.

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